Annual Friends & Family Night - 28.02.18

The Clubs Annual Friends & Family Night takes place in Girvan Community Centre on Wednesday 28th February at 7.15 p.m.

We look forward to the visit of Brian Young, Holmes Farm Plants, Drybridge. Brian will give a talk and slide show, as well as a Demonstration of planting up pots. With thoughts of gardening season not too far away Brian will also have plants for sale.

This is sure to be a most interesting and informative evening for Horticulturists and Floral Art enthusiasts alike. The Club extends a warm welcome to everyone to attend this special night, which will finish with a light supper prepared and served by the committee.

"A Happy New Year" - 24.01.18

The first Demonstration of 2018 took place in Girvan Community Centre on Wednesday 24th January. Chairperson Helen Walker greeted the audience by wishing them A Happy New Year and saying how pleasing it was to see everyone again.

Helen went on to say that sadly Demonstrator Dr. Rosalind Stewart could not be with us this evening as her husband had passed away at the weekend, the Club had sent their condolences to Rosalind.

Helen then announced she would lead of the Demonstration followed by two other committee members, Margaret Findlay and Liz Gregg.

Rabbie Burns was the theme chosen by both Helen and Margaret and their depictions did "Rabbie" proud. Helens' Burns Supper had the Wee Dram and Haggis surrounded with Red Carnations, Eryngiums, Chrysanthemums and both Red and Cream Roses. "To a Mountain Daisy" was Margarets arrangement with Bright Yellow Germini, Chrysanthemum, Eryngiums and Purple Lisianthus with a recitation to finish.

Liz with "Spring" on her mind then regaled us with a number of facts about Tulips as she produced her arrangements consisting of Tulips, Daffodils and Irises. A truly colourful array set before the audience.

Janice McGeechan in her own inimitable style gave a well deserved vote of thanks to all three Demonstrators before Helen invited everyone to have tea and shortbread whilst taking part in a quiz. Still in keeping with The Burns Theme prizes consisting of Turnips, Irn Bru and Shortbread were handed out to the two winning teams. The evening came to a close with all the beautiful arrangements being raffled.

Wednesday 28th February will be the Annual Friends and Family night and will feature Brian Young of Holmes Farm Plants, Drybridge. This promises to be a most informative event for all horticulturists and flower lovers. More details to follow at a later date.

Photos from the night can be found on our Gallery page.

"Christmas is Coming" - 22.11.17

The Clubs Annual Open Evening took place in Girvan Academy Theatre on Wednesday 22nd November. Chairperson Helen Walker welcomed the large audience before introducing demonstrator Gill Garrow from Elgin, an Area Demonstrator, and member of both Elgin Flower Club and Northern Lights Contemporary Floral Club.

Gill chose "Christmas is Coming" as the title of her Demonstration. Her love of flowers was obvious in her stunning designs, choice of materials, selection of colour combinations and variety of flowers ranging from Amaryllis, Ranunculus, Hydrangeas, Roses and Cymbidium Orchids all highlighted by her personality and stories, which made for a most enjoyable evening, thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. Gill’s interpretation of the theme certainly inspired everyone to imagine and plan where and how their own arrangements would appear at home as "Christmas is Coming".

Helen then called upon Vice Chair Fiona Robertson to give a well deserved vote of thanks before asking Gill to draw the raffle for the arrangements.

There were a number of correct entries for the Christmas Quiz with Helen inviting Gill to draw a winner, the successful entry being Maureen Kelly.

Helen then duly thanked Callum the lighting operator, staff of the Academy, volunteer helpers, committee members and audience for all their support, finishing by wishing everyone "A Happy Christmas Season" she then invited everyone to the Cafeteria to enjoy Punch, Shortbread and Mince Pies.

The Club resumes on Wednesday 24th January 2018 with Dr. Rosalind Stewart from Troon being the demonstrator.

Photos from the night can be found on our Gallery page.

"A Floral Journey" - 25.10.17

The Club met on Wednesday 25th October in Girvan Community Centre.

Club Chairperson, Helen Walker welcomed the large audience before introducing Award Winning Demonstrator and Chief Florist at Gleneagles Hotel, John McDonald from Auchterarder.

"A Floral Journey" was the Title chosen by John for his Demonstration.

John took the audience on a most enjoyable relaxed journey as effortlessly he produced one magnificent arrangement after another, whilst giving a most entertaining and enlightening commentary of his own life journey through flowers.

His clever choice of containers leant themselves to all six arrangements for his chosen rooms. The variety of foliage ranged from the popular "Fire Station Ivy and Park Ivy" the unusual Philodendron "Fun Bun", Ruscus, and Eucalyptus all adding different textures and shapes before the 'wow' factor and vibrancy of the flowers Vanda Orchids, Lizianthus, Anthuriums, Roses and Sunflowers added the finishing touch to each arrangement. "A Floral Journey" the audience would be happy to travel again.

At the end of the Demonstration the vote of thanks was given by Janice McCreath.

The evening concluded in the usual manner with the raffle being drawn and refreshments served.

The Annual Open Evening takes place in Girvan Academy Theatre on Wednesday 22nd November, the Demonstrator will be Gill Garrow "On Tour" from Elgin. Tickets (£6) are on sale from committee members.

Photos from the night can be found on our Gallery page

"Don't Stop Me Now" - 27.09.17

The Clubs first Demonstration of the Season took place in Girvan Community Centre on Wednesday 27th September, Chairperson Helen Walker welcomed the large audience before introducing Demonstrator Karine Murray from East Kilbride.

The title of Karine’s demonstration was Don’t Stop Me Now and as Karine went through her demonstration it became clear that Karine certainly doesn’t stop at anything to do with flower arranging. The first arrangement included bright yellow flowers and vibrant colours of foliage. Next up was a long narrow arrangement using dries stelitzia leaves and the only flowers used was one colour and one variety, cream anthuriums, less is more! The third arrangement was a lovely autumnal coloured arrangement in a lovely copper container on a stand. Karine’s fourth arrangement was a very contempory one using green canes and cymbidium orchids. The final and four part arrangement was a more traditional one using lots of purple, pink and lilac flowers, a delightful finish to an excellent demonstration. Margaret Findlay gave a well earned vote of thanks after which the raffle was drawn.

The date of the next meeting is Wednesday 25th October, the demonstrator will be John McDonald from Auchterarder with a Floral Journey.

"Fashion Show" - 28.06.17

Wednesday 28th June in Girvan Community Centre saw the Clubs final event of the Season a "Fashion Show" and what a "Stylish Finally" to what has been a varied, entertaining, informative and well supported year.

Chairperson Helen Walker welcomed the large audience, starting the evening by explaining the tradition of the Club is to donate Tea Money collected over the Season to an organisation nominated by members and she was delighted to invite Mary Ann McWilliam representing Breast Cancer, to come forward and receive a cheque of £100, this was most graciously and appreciatively received by Mary Ann.

Helen then welcomed Shelley and Lorraine from "Cumnock Factory Outlet" under whose auspices the "Fashion Show" was organised, before asking Past Chair Liz Gregg to commentate and introduce the models onto the "catwalk".

Casual was the first category and featured outfits ranging from Klass, Roman, Chianti, Davis Barry. Smart Casual was the second category and Just Elegance, Bassini, Tigi, Saloos featured, the audience were thoroughly enjoying the fashionable, colourful outfits and as the last category of occasion featuring mainly Simon Jeffery, Roman and Klass was introduced, the procession of models Pat McCracken, Marion Love, Mary Kelso, Margaret Cunningham, May Robertson, Mary Scott, Margaret Findlay and Janette Sloan were met with rapturous applause from the most appreciative audience and presented with lovely posies of flowers.

The evening came to a close with a bountiful array of raffle prizes and one lucky winner taking home a beautiful handbag gifted by Cumnock Factory Outlet.

Helen thanked everyone for supporting the club and invited them to enjoy some refreshments.

Top photo - Models left-right. Margaret, May, Mary, Margaret, Mary, Marion, Pat, Janette.

"Meanderings" - 24.05.17

The final Demonstration of the Season took place on Wednesday 24th May this was preceded by the AGM. The new office bearers are Chairperson Helen Walker, Joint Vice Chair Fiona Robertson and Liz Gregg. The Club are fortunate to have a good thriving membership but like most clubs find it difficult to encourage members to join the committee, therefore appeal to members who were unable to attend the AGM to think about it and speak to Helen, Fiona and Liz or any member of the committee with a view to being co-opted on.

Following on from the AGM Liz proceeded to introduce Demonstrator Sandra Halkett from Elgin. Sandra had chosen for her title "Meanderings" and everyone thoroughly enjoyed meandering with Sandra, from books by Jill McGregor, SAFAS inspired themes, goings on of Constance Spry and finishing with Flower Arranger Magazine competition. All of these were depicted beautifully in Sandra's arrangements with the warm colours of yellow Tulips, orange Gerbera and Alstromeria in the first arrangement, continuing with some Bling interspersed into stunning Avalanche Roses and Orchids, we then had much to everyone's amusement a "description" of Stocks featured with Soft Ruscus, Antiqua Carnations, we then meandered to the final two arrangements with a great variety of hues and flowers ranging from Heaven and Aqua Roses, Lucaspermum, Anthuriums, Hydrangeas, Anastasia Chrysanthemums. All in All a fitting colourful end to this Seasons Demonstrations.

The closing event is a fashion show given by kind permission of "Cumnock Factory Outlet" and takes place on Wednesday 28th June at 7 p.m. Tickets are available from committee members priced at £4 which includes refreshments.

Photos from the night can be found on our Gallery page

"From the Other Side" - 26.04.17

The April meeting was a demonstration by Ann Codd from Ponteland entitled "From the other side".

This was Ann’s third visit to Girvan. Since retiring 9 years ago Ann decided to do the trip of a lifetime to the other side of the world- alone. Her first arrangement depicted the vibrant colours of Dubai, her first stop on her trip, a tall arrangement with Red Callas and red veined Anthuriums. Next stop was Auckland with the arrangement full of different shades of green, white Stocks and white Roses. Then came the North Island using the same container and foliage but with orange flowers. A further arrangement with the architectural leaves of Palm, Monsterra and Leatherleaf which set off beautiful coral Peonies depicted some of the Botanical gardens in New Zealand.

Then we returned to the other side- Spring in the UK, with lots of Tulips, Viburnum, Arum Pictum leaves, a few Gerbera and small Sunflowers. Then, especially for the ladies at Girvan Flower Club came a large, all white arrangement with Lillies, Carnations, Roses, this one certainly got the Wow factor.

The Club is taking part in National Flower Arranging day on 5th of May when small bouquets will be labelled and placed around Girvan and surrounding villages. The next meeting on Wednesday 24th May will start with the AGM at 7pm sharp followed by a demonstration by Sandra Halkett from Elgin entitled "Meanderings". All welcome.

"A Basket Case" - 23.03.17

"A Basket Case" was the title Demonstrator Heather Curry who was On Tour from Gosforth chose for her Demonstration to the club on Wednesday 22nd March in Girvan Community Centre. This was Heather's first Tour and although a NAFAS Area Demonstrator she also teaches Floral Art as well as being a Driving Instructor, some of the audience could identify with her when she said how mesmerising it was navigating her way around Glasgow, where her other Demonstrations had taken place.

The audience were treated to some colourful arrangements in baskets of all shapes and sizes, and her foraging trips for her foliage set of her spring flowers beautifully, other flowers in her arrangements included Chrysanthemums, Gerbera, Orchids, Avalanche Roses and Anthuriums. Heather all the while regaled us with stories whilst producing her "Basket Cases" making it a most enjoyable relaxing evening for everyone attending.

The next Demonstration features Anne Codd who is On Tour from Ponteland with her "From the Other Side" Demonstration, which takes place on Wednesday 26th April at 7.15 p.m. in Girvan Community Centre.

"Friends & Family" - 22.02.17

The Clubs Annual Friends & Family Night took place in Girvan Community Centre on Wednesday 22nd February and was in the form of a "Needle Felting Demonstration" Chairperson Liz Gregg welcomed everyone expressing how pleasing it was to have new faces in the audience as well as our regulars and hoped to encourage them to visit and join with us in future evenings.

Liz gave a small introduction as to how the deviation from Floral Art to Needle Felting can be applied in floral arrangements, natural fibres being allowed, and wool one of the oldest known textures, but Liz would hand over to Beth Blain and Liz Copeland both members of Barr Quilters to explain and Demonstrate the art.

Beth then introduced some of the characters and fuzzy friends she had made, to the audience, before going on laughingly explaining how therapeutic it can be, especially if someone has agitated you and in turn you can "agitate the wool". Liz and Beth both in harmony demonstrated the art and explained about tools and type of wool required and the need to be careful and use Finger Protectors, as the needles, besides being sharp, were also barbed. Various items were passed around the audience for inspection, before Beth and Liz invited them to have a try, only two took up the offer, being very careful to keep their fingers away from the needles.

Liz then thanked both ladies for coming along and demonstrating their art to the Club. Everyone then retired to enjoy a delicious supper prepared by the committee, during this time the raffle was also drawn with various prizes and one lucky winner receiving a "Needle Felting Starter Kit" gifted by Beth and Liz.

Wednesday 22nd March will see the return of our Floral Art Demonstrations with Mrs Heather Curry On Tour from Gosforth, the title chosen by Heather is "A Basket Case".

"Everyone Loves a Wedding" - 25.01.17

The Clubs first Demonstration of 2017 took place on Wednesday 25th January in Girvan Community Centre.

Chairperson Liz Gregg welcomed everyone and wished them A Happy New Year and Happy Burns Night before introducing local florist, Fiona Wilson of Fiofin Designs, Dalrymple Street.

The title chosen by Fiona for her Demonstration "Everyone Loves a Wedding", proved to be a popular theme with the audience, irrespective of whether a planner a guest or just someone enjoying the art of a florist at work. Fiona also gave everyone an insight into some of the stress, requests and pleasures of floristry.

Variety was in abundance ranging from wristlets, hats, bouquets, cakes and arrangements, with Fiona's colours throughout the demonstration being shades of Purple, White, Silver and clever choices of textures in Greenery setting each design perfectly. The Cool Water Roses, Limonium and Germini giving purple hues, Avalanche Roses & Cala Lilies white and Fiona's signature "Bling" silver, Bells of Ireland, Anthurium along with the crisp green Viburnum giving texture. A truly inspiring, informative demonstration.

Liz called upon Helen Walker to give a well deserved vote of thanks to Fiona before the raffle for all the stunning arrangements was drawn.

The Clubs annual "Fun with Friends" evening takes place in Girvan Community Centre on Wednesday 22nd February at 7.15 p.m. details to follow.

Photos from the night can be found on our Gallery page

"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" - 23.11.16

Chairman Liz Gregg welcomed everyone to The Annual Open Evening held in Girvan Academy Theatre on Wednesday 23rd November, Liz expressed her delight and thanks, saying how pleasing it was to have such a large audience before introducing Demonstrator Kathleen Williams who was "On Tour" from Oldham with her demonstration entitled "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas".

Kathleens' interpretation of the theme included traditional and contemporary designs, her first arrangement featured the Posting of Cards with Larch Cones and White Chrysanthemums setting the scene, the second arrangement of texture blocking and foliage manipulation with Memory Lane Roses and Serenade Carnations made a beautiful Parcel Arrangement. The vibrancy of her Baubles and Christmas Wreath arrangements complemented her clever use of containers, Kathleen produced these arrangements whilst regaling everyone with stories ranging from her school days to her enjoyment of family life and numerous anniversaries, hardly drawing breath, whilst producing magnificent arrangements. The final arrangement accentuated her title perfectly consisting of Swan Lake Gerbera, Avalanche Roses, Amaryllis and Cymbidium Orchid. A truly inspiring demonstration given by a talented, artistic, jovial lady.

Liz called upon Vice Chairman Helen Walker to give a well deserved vote of thanks before asking Kathleen to draw the raffle for the arrangements, as the audience waited in anticipation of their number being drawn.

Liz then thanked Calum and Findlay the lighting operators before inviting everyone to the Cafeteria to enjoy some Punch, Shortbread and Mince Pies.

The Club thanks everyone for their support over the past year and wish you a Happy, Healthy Festive Season and look forward to welcoming you to the first demonstration of 2017 when Fiona Wilson of Fiofin Designs, Dalrymple Street, Girvan, will be the Demonstrator.

Photos from the night can be found on our Gallery page

"A Floral Journey" - 26.10.16

Audrey Buchan from Montrose was the Demonstrator on Wednesday 26th October and her demonstration entitled "A Floral Journey" was thoroughly enjoyed by all present who joined Audrey on her Journey.

Audrey started her journey preparing the shopping bags, filling them with Japanese Laurel, Milky Way Aspidestra before adding Stunning Stargazer Lilies, Pink Roses, Lisianthus and beautiful Diamond Bouvardia, as we journeyed on we heard of various family journeys and stories, all the while Audrey was producing beautiful arrangements. Her assortment of containers complimented such a great variety of flowers consisting of Chincherinchee, Blue Clematis Pirouette, Anastasia Chrysanthemums to name but a few. We reached journeys end with a magnificent traditional arrangement of Soft Ruscus, Phoenix Palm, Wax Flower, Cream Lisianthus, Avalanche Sorbet Roses, Heaven Roses and Anthuriums.

Audrey received a well deserved vote of thanks before Chairman Liz Gregg invited Audrey to draw the raffle for all her beautiful arrangements.

The Annual Open Evening takes place in Girvan Academy Theatre on Wednesday 23rd November, it features Kathleen Williams who is "On Tour" from Oldham, the title of her demonstration is "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas". Tickets (£6) are available from committee members.

"Granny's Treasures" - 28.09.16

The Clubs first Demonstration of the Season took place in Girvan Community Centre on Wednesday 28th September, Chairperson Liz Gregg welcomed the large audience before introducing Demonstrator Ada Paul from Ayr.

The title of Ada's demonstration was Granny's Treasures and Ada transposed the audience back in time, kindling fond memories and laughter for everybody. Her clever use and choice of items from family life, along with her stories set the scene, and once her chosen flowers ranging from Sunflowers, Singapore Orchids, Avalanche Roses, Carnations and Alstromeria were in place the stage was a blaze of colour. Anna Ferguson gave Ada a well deserved vote of thanks before Liz asked Ada to draw the raffle for the beautiful arrangements.

The next Demonstration is Wednesday 26th October and features Mrs Audrey Buchan On Tour from Montrose.

"Coffee & Blether" - 22.06.16

Wednesday 22nd June in Girvan Community Centre concluded what was a most enjoyable and entertaining Season for the Flower Club.

Chairman Liz Gregg welcomed everyone to the "Coffee & Blether" evening and thanked them for coming along. Liz went on to explain over the course of the Season Demonstrations always finish with tea, money donated for this is given over to a local charity nominated by members, this year CAN was nominated and Liz called upon CAN representatives Sandra Smith & Una Jess to receive a cheque for £100.

After a few cups of coffee and plenty of "Bletherin" the night concluded with Liz expressing how appreciative the club were for all the support received and hoped to welcome everyone back at the start of the new season in September when Ada Paul from Ayr will be the Demonstrator.

"Colour on Contrast" - 25.05.16

On Wednesday 25th May Chairman Liz Gregg welcomed everyone to the Club AGM before introducing Demonstrator Irene Parker On Tour from Hexham, this was a return visit by Irene and once again it was a most informative, interesting, vibrant Demonstration which truly lived up to her chosen Title "Colour on Contrast".

Irene started off with an arrangement comprising of Gerbera, Anthurium and beautiful Marie Claire Roses, her second arrangement was a Mother of Pearl Bowl depicting a Water Lily Pond with Green Tie Leaves, Gerbera, Cymbidium Orchid and White Hydrangea, following on and set beautifully in a Trophy Cup was the contrasting Anastasia Chrysanthemums, Sudoku Roses, Carnations and Bouvardia, the penultimate arrangement, a simple effective design of Solaire Roses & Sunflowers, the final stunning arrangement featured the Colour on Contrast of Black Tie Leaves, Palm Leaves, Cool Water Roses, Carnations, Rich Gerbera and Pink Oriental Lilies. This last Demonstration of the Season was thoroughly enjoyed by a most appreciative audience and as normal the arrangements were all raffled to the delight of the winning ticket holders.

The final event of the Season is the Annual Coffee Evening taking place on Wednesday 22nd June at 7p.m. in Girvan Community Centre, tickets £2 are available from Committee Members, donations for the Tombola stall will be most welcome.

NAFAS National Flower Arranging Day - 06.05.16

In celebration of NAFAS National Flower Arranging Day and also the Diamond Anniversary of SAFAS, members of Girvan & District Flower Club were given the use of the window of the local Dental Practice to Dress and highlight these two occasions.

"Zest for Life" - 27.04.16

"Zest for Life" was the title chosen by Margo Black for her Demonstration to Girvan & District Flower Club on Wednesday 27th April, a perfect title for a most informative, entertaining and inspiring evening, which was thoroughly enjoyed by a most appreciative audience.

Margo's choice of Anthuriums contrasting with the Green of the Chrysanthemums set off her first arrangement "Hot & Steamy" perfectly, her "Feel the Fear" arrangement of Cacuma (Siam Tulips), Liatris and Orchids was stunning, we then "Walked the Way" feeling the pain as she walked the West Highland Way and shared her joy with the depiction in the colours of the flowers setting the scenery, after that exhausting journey it was time to "Recharge the Batteries" with a trip to the seaside Agapanthus, Gerbera, Roses set of with Golden Rod and Gypsophila was ideal for this, before "Just Chillin" finished the evening perfectly with beautiful Yellow Roses, Eustoma and Yellow Gerbera. A well deserved vote of thanks was given by Janice McGeechan before Chairman Liz Gregg invited Margo to draw the raffle. Tea was then served to wind off a wonderful night.

Friday 6th May is NAFAS National Flower Arranging Day, this also coincides with SAFAS Diamond Anniversary and in Celebration of these events members of the committee will dress the window of the former CAN Office, the Club are grateful to the owners of Girvan Dental Practice for granting the use of their premises for this occasion.

The final Demonstration incorporating the AGM takes place on Wednesday 25th May at 7 p.m. and features Irene Parker from Hexham with her Demonstration "Colour on Contrast". The Coffee Evening takes place on 22nd June and donations for the Tombola Stall will be gratefully accepted by members of the committee.

"A Touch of Eurasian" - 23.03.16

"A Touch of Eurasian" was the title Demonstrator Elizabeth Bishop who was On Tour from Sheffield chose for her Demonstration to the club on Wednesday 23rd March in Girvan Community Centre. Elizabeth's many attributes include NAFAS Area Demonstrator, Freelance Florist, Speaker, Raconteur all of which were evident during the course of her Demonstration, the audience were treated to some colourful arrangements with her use of Strelitzia, Gerbera, Orchids, Anthuriums to name but a few, all evidence of her passion and love of exotic flowers. Elizabeth gave a great insight of her own background which led to this love, and led her to setting up her own jungleblooms website.

This was Elizabeth's first visit to Scotland, which she had thoroughly enjoyed and hoped to return, likewise the clubs she had visited and demonstrated to would look forward to welcoming her back.

The next Demonstration features Margo Black from Airdrie with her "Zest for Life" Demonstration, this takes place on Wednesday 27th April at 7.15 p.m. in Girvan Community Centre.

"Friends & Family Variety Night" - 24.02.16

Chairman Liz Gregg welcomed everyone to the annual "Friends & Family Variety Night" Liz gave a brief description of the evenings events and explained that it was all about having fun and enjoyment and hoping to encourage more people to come along to other club nights.

Liz started events by giving a demonstration of leaf manipulation and encouraged everyone to have a try, there were certainly a few different designs, not all as meant to be but decorative in there own way, which added to the fun. Janette Sloan stepped up to entertain us with her accordion and soon the sound of feet tapping in time to the music resounded around the hall. Lorna Greenhill performed a skit with Liz Gregg about a Christmas Pudding and a Haggis which brought peals of laughter from the audience, running in tandem during the night was a photographic quiz which featured youthful photographs of the committee. Anna Ferguson then gave a most deserving vote of thanks to all the performers before the committee served a delicious supper.

The next Demonstration takes place on the 23rd March and in a change to the syllabus the Demonstrator will be Liz Bishop from Eccleshall, Sheffield, more details to follow later.

"Variety is the Spice of Life" - 27.01.16

Liz Gregg, Chairperson welcomed everyone to the clubs first Demonstration of 2016 expressing how pleasing it was to have such a large audience.

Liz went on to introduce Demonstrator Pauline Todd from Newton Stewart.

"Variety is the Spice of Life" was the title chosen by Pauline on her return visit to the club. Variety was in abundance with her clever choices of textures, colours and different flowers which set of the containers used in her designs beautifully, herbs & spices adorned various arrangements making for a most enjoyable demonstration. Pauline proved to be an all round entertainer as her stories spiced up the evening, as echoes of laughter resounded around the hall. Janice McGeechan gave a most worthy vote of thanks before Liz asked Pauline to draw the raffle for all the stunning arrangements.

The Clubs annual "Fun with Friends" evening takes place in Girvan Community Centre on Wednesday 24th February, once again "Variety" will be at the forefront of what will be a most interesting and fun filled night, details to follow.