NEWS UPDATE - 17.03.20

Following on from NAFAS recommendations and Government guidelines pertaining to Coronavirus (COVID - 19) all Demonstrations are cancelled until further notice.

"Fun with Friends" - 26.02.20

Club Chairperson Fiona Robertson welcomed everyone to the Clubs Annual Fun with Friends night which took place in Girvan Community Centre on Wednesday 26th February, this year it incorporated "Our Good Cause" Fund Raiser which was a fantastic raffle thanks to the generosity of the many donors.

Fiona after reading out some intimations introduced Rebecca Stewart and Vivian Stephens from "Kirklands House & Garden" Kirkoswald, who kindly agreed to come along and share their gardening knowledge for this occasion.

Rebecca and Vivian in tandem demonstrated how to plant up baskets explaining that you don’t always need to use annuals but you have to be aware of the type of plants suitable for Coastal gardens, they planted with herbs, alpines, bulbs, all the while talking and imparting their knowledge and answering questions from the audience. They also brought along various plants and bulbs which were for sale and soon bought up as the Demonstration ended. Helen Walker was called upon to give a well deserved vote of thanks to the ladies for giving such an informative, enjoyable, colourful demonstration.

Fiona then asked Rebecca and Vivian to draw the raffle which had a great array of prizes resulting in a lot of happy people going home with prizes ranging from a planter, afternoon tea, bird feeder, voucher and various other wonderful prizes.

The Club greatly appreciate and give thanks for the generosity of all the donors on this special night, proceeds will be given to a local charity/ charities decided on by committee after nominations by members.

The most enjoyable, social evening concluded by Fiona inviting everyone to enjoy a delicious supper prepared and served by the committee. The next demonstration will be on Wednesday 25h March featuring Marlyn Thomson from Cumnock with her demonstration entitled "Walking into Spring".

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"It’s Taking Part That Counts" - 22.01.20

The Clubs first Demonstration of 2020 took place in Girvan Community Centre, Dalrymple Street on Wednesday 22nd January.

Chairperson Fiona Robertson welcomed everyone wishing them well for 2020, she went on to give some information on "Friends Night" on 26th February.

Fiona then welcomed and introduced award winning Demonstrator Christine Logan from Alloway with her Demonstration entitled "It’s Taking Part That Counts".

Christine started by giving the audience an insight into her start in Flower Arranging, a basket, which she declared "wasn’t very good", that may have been then but certainly not now as the audience could testify. Christine ably assisted in the background by her talented friend Caroline took us on a journey which stemmed from her desire "to take part", we journeyed through various Countries with designs replicated from competitions at various Flower Shows she had entered. Using her favourite stands and containers one stunning arrangement appeared after another, Gerbera, Anthurium, Bells of Ireland, Roses and a great variety of foliage all giving texture and movement. It may have been dark, cold and gloomy outside but it was the opposite inside, Sunshine Yellow and White being the predominant colours but the warmth was from the laughter and applause echoing as Christine entertained the audience with her intermittent commentary and her love of flowers emanating throughout her demonstration which was both inspirational and encouraging for everyone "to take part" in the future.

Fiona called upon Margaret Findlay to give a well deserved vote of thanks before, as is the norm, asking Christine to draw the raffle for all her arrangements, delighting the winning ticket holders. Everyone was then invited to enjoy a cup of tea.

Arrangements are in hand for "The Fun With Friends" night on 26th February. Rebecca from "Kirklands" Kirkoswald will be the guest Speaker/Demonstrator. As this will be the Clubs Good Cause night, there will be a number of excellent raffle prizes to be won.

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"Midwinter Magic" - 27.11.19

The Club’s Annual Open Evening which always puts the audience in Festive Mode, took place in Girvan Academy Theatre on Wednesday 27th November. Chairperson Fiona Robertson welcomed the large audience before introducing NAFAS Area Demonstrator Julia Loudon from Earlston, who was On Tour with her Demonstration "Midwinter Magic".

Julia began by giving the audience an insight into her Garden discussing her trees and inspiration they gave her, this was the theme of her first arrangement with the autumn colours of Garnet Cala Lilies, Hydrangea, Bells of Ireland and you could almost smell the aroma from her description of Dried Apple rings as she put them in place. Moving onto how much pleasure Frost and Ice forming gives her with her container perfect for the Silver Twigs, Palms, Eustoma & Roses. There may have been Cool Colours used but Julia’s cheerful disposition and stories of her comedy of errors warmed everyone as she started the next arrangement with Traditional Christmas Colours, Ilex, Red Carnations, Anthuriums, Gerberas before the Green of Anastasia Chrysanthemums, we then went on a most enjoyable Sleigh Ride with Chocolate Frosted Roses adorning the centre piece and the traditional flowers surrounding them.

The final arrangement was her wonderful Snow Angel festooned with stunning white Orchids and Roses, like all of her arrangements the foliage used, the finishing touches of twinkling lights and containers depicted her theme perfectly as the audience certainly experienced and thoroughly enjoyed Julia’s inspirational "Midwinter Magic" Demonstration.

Keeping the Traditional Theme, Vice Chairperson Liz Gillon was called upon to give a well earned Vote of Thanks to Julia for her fun filled commentary and inspiring demonstration, again as norm Julia was invited to draw the raffle for all her beautiful arrangements.

Fiona then thanked Girvan Academy Staff, Lighting Operator Pupil Zander Morris, Girvan Pet Store and Volunteers for their assistance before thanking the audience for attending and supporting the Club, everyone was then invited to enjoy refreshments in the Cafeteria.

The next Demonstration takes place in Girvan Community Centre on Wednesday 22nd. January 2020 and features Christine Logan from Alloway.

"When East Meets West" - 23.10.19

Wednesday 23rd October was the Clubs second demonstration of the Season, Chairperson Fiona Robertson welcomed everyone before introducing NAFAS Demonstrator Sara Barrow who was "On Tour" from Longbridge, Preston where she has a Flower Shop named "Flowers with Passion". It soon became apparent throughout Sara’s Demonstration that flowers were definitely her passion, what a fabulous demonstration the audience were treated to. It may have been cold and wet outside but Sara soon had the audience feeling the warmth with her Demonstration entitled "When East meets West".

Sara assisted by her husband Carl, took everyone on a wonderful family journey, the Philippines, Thailand, India, Mexico, Spain all interspersed with adventurous stories and fitting interludes of music finally arriving in Scotland with a rousing rendition of "Scotland the Brave" playing as she set the stage with all her beautiful arrangements.

Orchids of various species, Chinese Lanterns, Cala Lilies, Anthuriums, Pin Cushion Protea, Bird of Paradise, Gerbera, Eryngium to name but a few along with her choices of unusual wonderful foliage made for an enthralling, vibrant Gold Medal Winning Demonstration. Sara is most worthy of all her accolades and medals as told by Janice McGeechan in her most eloquent vote of thanks. Sara was then asked to draw the raffle for all the Beautiful arrangements, delighting some and disappointing others as is the norm for raffles.

The evening finished with Fiona inviting everyone to enjoy a cup of tea.

The Clubs annual "Open Evening" takes place in Girvan Academy Theatre on Wednesday 27th November at 7.15 p.m. and features Julia London from Earlston. Tickets £6 are available from committee members.

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"In the Mood with Wood" - 25.09.19

Wednesday 25th September saw the start of the Clubs new season, Chairperson Fiona Robertson welcomed everyone saying how pleasing it was to see so many at the first Demonstration. Fiona went on to congratulate all those who took part in various shows over the summer, she also thanked the volunteers who do Church and Hospital Flowers inviting others to think about adding their names to rotas.

The Club over the years donates to a designated charity and the previous seasons chosen recipient was BRICC Care Agency, Lynne McIlwraith representative was invited to receive a Cheque for £110 and give a short talk on all entailed in the organisation.

Fiona then proceeded to introduce Demonstrator Ada Paul from Ayr with her Demonstration entitled "In the Mood with Wood".

Ada opened her Demonstration by saying how welcoming the Club was and gave a brief description of how the title would unfold in each arrangement.

This certainly was the case, not only did the audience get the "Mood" with the wood of different shapes, sizes and textures but with the vibrancy of flowers, foliage and adornments in all six arrangements with the last one taking us into the Halloween Season with the swinging witch with her "Tackety Boots" clanging on the stand as Ada swirled the design of warm autumn colours of Carnations, Gerbera and Gladioli around.

It wasn’t the witch who held the audience spellbound it was Ada with her stories her talent and her overall demeanour, making for a most enjoyable, entertaining night for all as explained in the vote of thanks given by Liz Gregg.

Ada was invited to draw the raffle tickets for all the stunning arrangements making for some smiling faces carrying them home.

The next Demonstration takes place on Wednesday 23rd October and features Sandra Barrow On Tour from Preston with her Demonstration entitled "When East meets West".

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Maybole Concert Party - 26.06.19

Club Chairperson Fiona Robertson welcomed everyone to the Clubs final event of the Season on Wednesday 26th of June in Girvan Community Centre and what a wonderful Finale to a most enjoyable Season.

Fiona introduced Maybole Concert Party, who started with a Medley which had the audience tapping their feet, singing along and "Surfing with The Beach Boys" before the Classic rendition of "Memory from the Musical Cats" following on was a graceful quartet of Ballet Dancers with their interpretation of "Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Little Swans", then from the sublime! the next sketch involved a hilarious meeting of two friends having a good gossip. The closing Medley had the audience once again joining in "Singing in the Rain’, "Singing the Blues", to name but a few before a beautiful arrangement of "Skyfall" and then closing with "Thank You for The Music".

Anna Ferguson was called upon to give a well deserved vote of thanks to this "Multi Talented Group of Ladies". Following on the Raffles were drawn, the proceeds (£110) of the first Raffle were going to the Clubs chosen charity, which this year was BRICC, the normal Club Raffle was then drawn and numerous prizes handed out before Fiona thanked everyone for coming along saying she hoped to see all of them when the Club resumes in September, she then invited everyone to enjoy the refreshments prepared by the committee.

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"A Bit of This & A Bit of That" - 22.05.19

Chairperson Helen Walker welcomed everyone to the Clubs AGM on Wednesday 22nd May in Girvan Community Centre, after business was discussed and badges handed over to new Chairperson Fiona Robertson and Vice Chairperson Liz Gillon, Helen introduced NAFAS Area Demonstrator Wendy Smith who was on Tour from Durham.

"A Bit of This & A Bit of That" was the title chosen by Wendy for her demonstration and it certainly lived up to its title with her choice of containers having been remodelled with a bit of this and a bit of that making them personal to her, Wendy also imparted some tips as she produced an array of beautiful arrangements ranging from delicate pastel shades of Eustoma, Stocks and Tulips to the vibrant colours of the exotic Proteas, Leucospermum and Cala Lilies, truly an inspiring demonstration from a very talented knowledgeable Demonstrator.

Janice McGeechan in her own inimitable style gave a well deserved vote of thanks before Wendy was asked to draw the raffle for all her arrangements.

The Clubs final event of the Season on Wednesday 26th June takes the form of an evenings entertainment by Maybole Concert Party. Tickets (£4) which includes refreshments are on sale from Committee Members.

"Memory Lane" - 24.04.19

Club Chairperson Helen Walker welcomed members & visitors to the penultimate Demonstration of the Season held in Girvan Community Centre on Wednesday 24th April.

Making her first visit to the Club was Demonstrator Shamima Hasan from Glasgow who explained to the audience the reasoning behind the title of her demonstration "Memory Lane". They were all her memories and her depiction in each arrangement conveyed the feeling beautifully to everyone, from her time in India to being into her third decade before seeing and touching snow, onto the heat of the Mardi Gras in New Orleans and finishing with the wonderful memory of being a Mother with a beautiful vase gifted by her daughter setting the final arrangement to perfection.

Shamima’s choice of exotic Strelitzia, Cymbidium & Philaenopsis Orchids, Avalanche Roses, vibrant Lilies along with the texture and variety of her foliage made for most attractive pleasing arrangements and certainly kindled the audiences own memories.

Margaret Findlay gave the vote of thanks before Helen asked Shamima to draw the raffle resulting in fortunate ladies taking home resplendent arrangements along with the memory of there beginning.

Helen closed the evening by reminding everyone the next Demonstration on Wednesday 22nd May incorporates the AGM at 7 p.m. Wendy Smith on Tour from Durham will be the Demonstrator.

The NAFAS national flower arranging day which aims to promote fun & friendship through flowers takes place on Friday 3rd May. The Club will be taking part in this by committee members placing Bouquets around Girvan & District inviting members of the public to enjoy them by taking the Bouquets home. Look out for them and enjoy!

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"Everything in the Garden" - 27.03.19

The theme of the Clubs March Demonstration given by NAFAS Area Demonstrator Patti Dawson from Penrith was "Everything in the Garden". Before introducing Patti, Club Chairperson Helen Walker welcomed the audience and updated them on forthcoming Club events namely the AGM taking place in May asking members to consider volunteering for the committee. The NAFAS National Flower Arranging day takes place on Friday 3rd May and as in previous years the committee will be making Floral Bouquets to leave around the Local District as gifts, labels are available for any members wishing to do likewise. Helen then introduced Patti to the audience.

"Everything in the Garden" certainly lived up to the title given by Patti who went on to give a most informative, inspiring demonstration beginning with her water feature with Bear Grass and Crystal Beads depicting water droplets, her use of Bio degradable foam, foraging clematis and her use of moss with water tubes in her arrangements making the audience aware of caring for the environment by making use of natural materials. Patti chatted whilst producing beautiful arrangements raising laughter when lifting a plank of wood she said " you can always have a stir fry when the flowers are finished with this one" and what a feast she produced, Peppers, Onions, Sweetcorn, Broccoli, Roses, Gloriosa Lilies, Wallflower to name but a few, certainly a most effective "Everything in the Garden" Demonstration.

Vice Chair Fiona Robertson was called upon to give a well deserved vote of thanks before Helen asked Patti to draw the raffle for all the stunning arrangements. As is the norm the evening finished with tea being available for everyone.

Wednesday 24th April is the next Demonstration featuring Shamima Hasan from Glasgow.

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"Friends Evening" - 27.02.19

Wednesday 27th February was the Clubs Annual Friends Evening in Girvan Community Centre. Chairperson Helen Walker welcomed the large audience before introducing Brian Young of Holmes Farm Plants, Drybridge, Irvine, who would give a talk, slide show and demonstration of potting plants in containers.

Brian by way of introduction professed himself to be a self taught "plantaholic" who gradually took over more and more of his parents garden which he would show in the following slide show "Holmes Farm Plants from the beginning".

Brian's knowledge and enthusiasm of all things botanical certainly held the audiences attention and kept their minds ticking over with plans for their own plots irrespective of size. Following the slide show, Brian proceeded to demonstrate and give ideas on the use of containers and plants to achieve all year round results, the audience were given the opportunity to ask any questions and also to buy some of the beautiful and unusual plants brought along by Brian.

Liz Gregg was called upon to give a well deserved vote of thanks to Brian, expressing the amazement of how the Latin names of plants tripped of his tongue so easily.

To close what had been a truly inspiring, informative, friendly evening, the committee served a delicious light supper to everyone.

Forthcoming events: Fiona Wilson of Fiofin Designs continues Floral Art classes in The Catholic Hall on Thursday nights at 7 p.m.

Wednesday 27th March at 7.15 p.m. in Girvan Community Centre, Patti Dawson on tour from Penrith will give her "Everything in the Garden" demonstration.

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"The Market Garden" - 23.01.19

Chairperson Helen Walker welcomed the large audience to the first Demonstration of 2019 which due to the Community Centre being decorated was held in The Catholic Hall. Helen updated everyone of events since last meeting in November before introducing Demonstrator Karine Murray from East Kilbride.

Karine chose "The Market Garden" as the title of her Demonstration, a subject she was well versed in from an early age. Karine gave a very entertaining, informative demonstration with various tips starting in the Hothouse, moving onto tomato growing all the while producing beautiful arrangements with a varied choice of foliage and flowers of different hues, bedding plants were depicted in her cushion box before finishing with the importance of Bees not only in the garden but to the environment as a whole, certainly a 'Market Garden' to be proud of in all her arrangements.

Janice McGeechan was called upon to give a well deserved vote of thanks before Karine drew the raffle for the arrangements. Tea was then served by the committee.

Friends night takes place in Girvan Community Centre on 27th February at 7.15 p.m. Brian Young of Holmes Farm Plants, Drybridge will come along and give a slide show and talk about the Garden, this evening will be of interest to Gardeners and Flower arrangers alike. As is usual on friends night, everyone is welcome.

"Sapphire Anniversary" - 28.11.18

Girvan Academy Theatre was the setting for a very special night in the Clubs history as well as it being the Annual Open Evening it also marked the exact date, 28th November 1973 of the Clubs formation.

Please use the link below to read all about the night.
Sapphire Anniversary

"Autumn Glory" - 24.10.18

Helen Walker welcomed everyone to the Clubs October Demonstration in Girvan Community Centre on Wednesday 24th October.

Before introducing the Demonstrator Helen informed the audience of Club events saying the Coach trip to the SAFAS Show in Falkirk had been thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. The Floral Art classes are proving to be a great success and hopefully would take place again in the spring. As part of the 1668 Royal Burgh Exhibition in The McKechnie Institute the Club received a Grant and members of the committee were arranging Floral Displays to complement the event over the next few weeks. Tickets are on sale for the Clubs Open Night in Girvan Academy which takes place on 28th November, this by coincidence is the exact date the Club was founded in 1973.

Helen then introduced NAFAS Area Demonstrator Lynn Stott from Preston "On Tour" with her "Autumn Glory" Demonstration.

Lynn regaled us with stories of what Autumn meant to her starting with bright yellow Sunflowers standing upright in the fruit boxes bringing in the harvest, moving onto the white borders of Sissinghurst with White Agapanthus, Nerines, Avalanche Roses, Antirrhinums and Germini surrounding Spikes of White Agapanthus, following on the migrating pink footed geese were depicted cleverly by Memory Lane Roses, Anthurium Aqua and Antique Carnations, a Posy Pad provided the ideal setting for her Harvest Moon arrangement of Spider Chrysanthemums, Confidential Roses and Captain Trinity Cala Lilies, Lynn’s finale was truly an ode to autumn with her "Season of Mist and Mellow Fruitfulness Arrangement" consisting of her window box grouping of Purple Gladioli, Pink Antirrhinum, Anastasia Chrysanthemums and Lovelace Roses, as with all the arrangements Lynn’s chosen containers and foliage were ideal in adding the finishing touches to her "Autumn Glory" Demonstration.

Anna Ferguson was called upon to give a vote of thanks before Helen invited Lynn to draw the raffle for all the arrangements. Tea was then served.

Open Evening Tickets (£6) which includes refreshments are available from committee members. Vanessa Wellock from Ilkley is "On Tour" with her 5 Gold Rings Demonstration which is on Wednesday 28th November in Girvan Academy Theatre.

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"Floral Rhapsody" - 26.09.18

The first Demonstration of the Season took place on Wednesday 26th September in Girvan Community Centre. Helen Walker Chairperson welcomed the large audience and notified everyone of forthcoming events drawing attention to Floral Art classes starting the following evening and seats still available on Coach for SAFAS Show in Falkirk on 20th October.

Helen then introduced Demonstrator Ros Harrison stating we were indeed in for a treat from a very talented award winning lady with many accolades for her artistry.

Ros chose "Floral Rhapsody" as the title of her Demonstration. The definition of "Rhapsody" in the dictionary is "enthusiastic ecstatic expression of feeling" and once Ros introduced the Floral array into her arrangements the title was perfect for her truly inspirational Demonstration.

From the sweet pink Gerbera in the first arrangement, the second with Memory Lane Roses, Feathery Astilbe and Liatris standing Proud, Cymbidium Orchids, Midori Anthuriums gave the third one a truly "wow" factor, Bright Yellow Sunflowers with Bullrushes followed on before the penultimate tropical one of Birds of Paradise,Leucospermum, Ginger Flower and last but by no means least an arrangement with Lemon Carnations, Orange Lilies and Confidential Roses.

What a Finale as Ros set the stage by adding touches to complement all her other arrangements. An inspirational demonstration given with professional aplomb whilst giving everyone an insight to her family life. Truly a remarkable gifted fun loving lady.

Vice Chairperson Fiona Robertson gave a well deserved vote of thanks before Helen invited Ros to draw the raffle for the arrangements. The evening finished with the usual cup of tea.

The Coach for the Show in Falkirk on 20th October starts pick up at 8.30 a.m. in Elder Avenue then proceeds to other arranged pick up points.

The next Demonstration is on Wednesday 24th October and the Demonstrator will be Mrs. Lynn Stott on tour from Preston.

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The new Season of the Club is almost upon us and once again we look forward to welcoming members and visitors alike.

The inaugural meeting of the Club was held in The Unitas Hall in Girvan in November 1973 and was set up to form Fun and Friendship through Flowers, this still flourishes today so if this appeals to you come along meet our members and enjoy the first Demonstration of the Season on Wednesday 26th September at 7.15 p.m. in the Community Centre, Dalrymple Street. Membership for the Season is £25 Visitors £5 per night.

For the first Demonstration the Club look forward to the return visit of Area Demonstrator Ros Harrison "On Tour" from Dalton-in-Furness. The title chosen by Ros for her demonstration is "Floral Rhapsody". Ros was last with us at our Open Evening in 2012, since then she has had numerous accolades, top of the list must be her invite in 2015 to design and display arrangements in Westminster Abbey for Commonwealth Observance Day attended by The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.

A new innovation taking place for six weeks starting on Thursday 27th September are Floral Art classes (£5 per night) given by local Florist Fiona Wilson of Fiofin Designs.

There are still seats available on the Coach for the SAFAS Show in Falkirk on Saturday 20th October.

"Concert" - 27.06.18

The Clubs closing event of the Season took place in Girvan Community Centre on Wednesday 27th June.

Chairperson Helen Walker welcomed the large audience before inviting Dorothy McCulloch representing CAN to accept a Cheque of £200, this amount was proceeds of Tea Money donated throughout the Season and added to from Club Funds, CAN was this years nominee as recipient of the Clubs "Good Cause" and the Cheque was gratefully accepted by Dorothy.

Helen then invited the audience to welcome the Musical Group "Good Question" from Irvine Valley who in turn invited the audience to join with them on their musical journey starting in Scotland.

Feet were soon tapping, hands clapping to the beat and everyone in good voice as the Bonnets were soon up in Dundee, Coulter's Candy was "sooked" before searching for Red Yo Yo's, then a mishmash of Jigs played by Michelle on Violin. We crossed The Pond to ride a pony with Yankee Doodle Dandy then some Tennessee Waltzing and Flat Boxing with Johnny Cash before crossing the Irish Sea merrily singing along with the medley, finishing with a resounding rendition of Belfast City.

Janice McGeechan gave an excellent vote of thanks with her overview of the musical journey, stories and jokes "Good Question" had captivated the audience with.

Following on from Raffles being drawn and prizes claimed, Chairperson Helen invited everyone to enjoy refreshments prepared by the committee.

A truly fabulous finale to the Clubs Season given by a Top Class Band and thoroughly enjoyed by a First Class Audience. The Club take this opportunity to express thanks to everyone for their support over the season and look forward to seeing everyone again in September.

Chairperson Helen Walker (left) presenting Cheque to Dorothy McCulloch (CAN)

"In The Pink" - 23.05.18

The final demonstration for this season came in the form of 'In The Pink' by Ann Morgan on tour from Morecombe. The definition of the title generally means happy and healthy, so to that end gave her demonstration with a colour theme for each arrangement. Starting with an all green arrangement in a small urn to depict a trip to a stately home containing various foliage and green Carnations, Chrysanthemums and Hypericum.

Next we were going for a 'Walk in the park' with the arrangement in a unique container - an old pair of jeans with vases down the legs, this was a bright yellow design using Sunflowers, Proteas, peach Carnations and orange Chimchimcherees. Ann used folded leaves as a backdrop.

Next up was 'A Queue', something we often have to do. This was a long low arrangement using Pussywillow at the back and then large pink Gerbera at the front and lilac Roses and pale pink Carnations in between all interspersed with purple Statice.

Next came a very unusual container which was bought for the bargain of £1, in the shape of the sun. All the foliage and flowers were placed from the centre of the container and included Phormium, a wonderful variegated Aspidistra. The flowers used were Kangaroo Paws, rust coloured Callas, peach Roses, the arrangement was entitled, 'Sunset over Morecombe Bay'.

The final design was in a very large cocktail glass shaped container and was called 'Pink Lady Cocktail'. The most wonderful large pink Lilies, dark pink Gerberas and pink Anthuriums were surrounded by Palms to make this a vibrant end to a wonderful demonstration.

Throughout Ann's demonstration she gave the members lots of tips for arranging flowers and showed us some forms of leaf manipulation which is something that Ann specializes in.

"Top Hat & Tales" - 25.04.18

Members and visitors were welcomed to the April Demonstration by Vice Chairperson Fiona Robertson, after reading notices reminding everyone the next Demonstration is preceded by the AGM on Wednesday 23rd. May at 7 p.m., the outing to the Area Show in Falkirk in October and informing everyone to lookout for bouquets around the District on Friday 4th May as the Club are taking part in the Annual NAFAS Promotion Day entitled "The Lonely Bouquet" whereby bouquets will be left in various locations throughout the District as gifts to the public.

Fiona then went on to introduce NAFAS Area Demonstrator Lynda Fraser from Carlisle Lynda has demonstrated to the Club on a number of previous occasions and we welcomed her once again.

"Top Hat & Tales" was the title chosen by Lynda for her Demonstration. Lynda’s love of Music, Dance and Drama inspires her artistry with her tales conveying the sophistication and glamour of Hollywood to perfection, the audience participation as each arrangement materialised made for a most enjoyable entertaining night. Lynda’s skill with texture, shape and the contrast of colours of her flowers, Strelitzia, Dendrobium Orchids, Liatris, Roses all set her chosen containers perfectly.

Anna Ferguson gave a most well deserved vote of thanks to Lynda before Fiona asked her to draw the raffle for the beautiful arrangements.

The final Demonstration of the Season on 23rd May will be given by Ann Morgan on Tour from Morecambe and the last event of the Season on 27th June will be a musical night featuring Country, Irish and Scottish music.

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"Say it with Flowers" - 28.03.18

Chairperson Helen Walker welcomed everyone and read out some information regarding forthcoming events and drew everyone’s attention to planned Coach Trip to SAFAS Area Show in Falkirk and asked for names to be added to list on notice board, before introducing Demonstrator Pauline Todd from Newton Stewart.

"Say it with Flowers" was the title chosen by Pauline for her Demonstration.

Pauline certainly "said it" by words and deeds with skilful messages from up-cycling, smiling and poetry portrayed into each arrangement, her clever use of foliage complimented every container and the vibrancy and variety of her chosen flowers ranging from Germini, Bells of Ireland, Yellow Dianthus, Chincherinchee, made for a most interesting, enjoyable demonstration. Helen called upon Vice Chair Fiona Robertson to give a well deserved vote of thanks. As is normal all the beautiful arrangements were then raffled.

The next Demonstration takes place on Wednesday 25th April and will feature Lynda Fraser On Tour from Carlisle.

Annual Friends & Family Night - 28.02.18

Chairperson Helen Walker welcomed everyone to the Clubs Annual Friends & Family Night in Girvan Community Centre on Wednesday 28th February. Helen gave out information regarding planned outing to SAFAS Area Show at Falkirk on 20th October, this is in order to get feedback on numbers interested in attending.

Helen then explained, unfortunately due to illness, Brian Young was unable to be with us tonight and the Club wished him a speedy recovery. She went on to say "we are fortunate at such short notice that Ron Gibson agreed to come along tonight and give us a slide show on Keukenhof Gardens & Amsterdam". Helen then introduced Ron who brought "Springtime" to the audience with his colourful slides of the gardens which contain such a vast array of tulips with every variety and colour imaginable, Ron interspersed some remarks and slides of Amsterdam into his show which was most enlightening and thoroughly enjoyed by the audience who had braved the elements to attend.

Liz Gregg was then called upon to give a well deserved vote of thanks to Ron before Helen asked Ron to draw the raffle. The evening closed with a delicious supper provided and served by the committee.

The next Demonstration on 28th March will feature well respected and friend of the Club, Pauline Todd from Newton Stewart, the title of Pauline’s demonstration is "Say it With Flowers".

"A Happy New Year" - 24.01.18

The first Demonstration of 2018 took place in Girvan Community Centre on Wednesday 24th January. Chairperson Helen Walker greeted the audience by wishing them A Happy New Year and saying how pleasing it was to see everyone again.

Helen went on to say that sadly Demonstrator Dr. Rosalind Stewart could not be with us this evening as her husband had passed away at the weekend, the Club had sent their condolences to Rosalind.

Helen then announced she would lead of the Demonstration followed by two other committee members, Margaret Findlay and Liz Gregg.

Rabbie Burns was the theme chosen by both Helen and Margaret and their depictions did "Rabbie" proud. Helens' Burns Supper had the Wee Dram and Haggis surrounded with Red Carnations, Eryngiums, Chrysanthemums and both Red and Cream Roses. "To a Mountain Daisy" was Margarets arrangement with Bright Yellow Germini, Chrysanthemum, Eryngiums and Purple Lisianthus with a recitation to finish.

Liz with "Spring" on her mind then regaled us with a number of facts about Tulips as she produced her arrangements consisting of Tulips, Daffodils and Irises. A truly colourful array set before the audience.

Janice McGeechan in her own inimitable style gave a well deserved vote of thanks to all three Demonstrators before Helen invited everyone to have tea and shortbread whilst taking part in a quiz. Still in keeping with The Burns Theme prizes consisting of Turnips, Irn Bru and Shortbread were handed out to the two winning teams. The evening came to a close with all the beautiful arrangements being raffled.

Wednesday 28th February will be the Annual Friends and Family night and will feature Brian Young of Holmes Farm Plants, Drybridge. This promises to be a most informative event for all horticulturists and flower lovers. More details to follow at a later date.

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